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    A blonde boards a plane heading for the Bahamas . As she is sitting there she notices the curtain that separates her from the first class section .As a stewardess goes thru the curtain she see's how nice the seating is in first class and immediately calls out to the stewardess .She start getting very loud and irate about how her seat is to small and she wants to move to the first class section .As the the stewardess tries to explain to her that she's not allowed to do that , the blond just keeps getting madder . Finally the captain comes back and leans down and whispers in the blonde's ear and she immediately calms down and is happy. The stewardess is amazed and follows the captain and ask him , What did you say to her ? The captain says, " I just told her that those seats in the front weren't going to the Bahamas"

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    good one:coffee
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    I've heard a lot of Blond jokes (being my wife is blond) and that was one of the funniest yet. Many years ago where my wife used to work, everyone was kidding her about being blonde. One day my wife got so beside herself over it, (with a smile on her face) she slammed her fist down on the desk and said,

    I NOT stupid !

    Nope :lolrolling I did not mistype that, she said it just like I typed it. She came home and told me that everyone totally cracked up. You must understand my wife worked at the same place for 20yrs and was very close with all of her co-workers so it was all in fun.