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Black Friday


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Getting the wife up in about a half hour to hit the stores by 5am any one else taking advantage of the sales this morning?:6:
I wouldn't go near the stores on black friday if you paid me with all those crazy people looking for bargains. I've seen some examples of how they act and it's not for me.
I was working at Wal-Mart some years' back and had to endure the nightmare of Black Friday as an Associate-on-duty. When the doors opened and the crush of shoppers mobbed the place, one woman jumped on a pallet to grab a piece of merchandise, got her foot stuck between the boards and was pushed by more shoppers. You guessed it - CRACK went her ankle. She layed there screaming with her ankle bent at a 90 degree angle and shoppers were continuing to grab the items off the pallet on which she lay. That taught me - Never Again. Haven't been to any Black Friday sales and never will.