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Black Denim Paint ?


Just wondering if anyone has a bike with black denim paint with some miles on it ? If so! Hows the paint wearing? I've got an 08 night train coming and the dealer kind of talked me out of black denim. So I went with black pearl but have time to change my mind.I just want to know is it as hard to upkeep as i've been led to believe. I don't ride with anyone who has it so I can't get any ideas. Thanxs
Let me start by saying I could be wrong on this. I don't have the black denim, nor do I know anyone who does. I have seen it. Now for the hearsay. It is my understanding, that the paint is made to fade and wear, making it look more like worn denim. I'm not crazy about the way it looks new, and probably would like it even less as it wears. The black pearl on the other hand, is beautiful. In the sun, there is a TON of metalflake in that paint. I have a fire red pearl/black pearl ultra, so I'm a little bit biased. I also like shiny surfaces, I would think they are easier to clean texas dust off of. So, take my opinion for what it is, an opinion, buy and ride what you want. It's your bike, who cares what others think.
Ive got an 07 fxstb with the black denim, but only have about 4k miles on it. No noticeable problems with it yet......
I don't own that paint scheme either, but have seen quite a few in my area. Some of those scoots you could tell are getting some miles put on them (not garage queens) and I've yet to see any problem with the paint.

I actually like the black denim on certain models so I tend to pay attention to rides with that scheme on them. I'm guessing I would have noticed if any of them were looking bad.
Wife's Lowrider is Silver Denim with 20,000 coming up and it looks great. Black bikes are all animals to keep clean (on my 14th & 15th) so go for it. If it feels good do it!! :bigsmiley10:
I dont know about the black denim, but the black pearl looks great in the sun!!!!!!!!!!! I just got an FXDC in black pearl and it is awesome!