Bikes, Booze, and Broads

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    This is one I wanna throw out there I need a minute on the soapbox. Please go easy on me, I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are. This one might be a little touchy...

    Maybe I'm getting old, (and maybe my bike is too new) but I have never been on my bike after consuming a drop of alcohol. I can't see risking the bike, or my wife's life or my drivers license, or my own life or someone else's life to have a good time. It has nothing to do with anything other than safety. I just don't see the point in drinking and riding AT ALL! Riding is fun in itself, stone sober. One of those "high on life" things for me I guess. I see too many of these "club" guys out riding all trashed. I shouldn't stereotype, I should say just "riders" in general. The road in front of the local "biker bar" is covered with rubber from everybody in the place doing a burnout to impress the other drunken whatever you call them. It's only a matter of time till someone gets killed messing around. it just gets to me. I'm a proud Harley owner. But more importantly I'm a proud father and husband. And every time I get on my bike, I make damn sure I'm gonna come home, because that to me is way more important than anything.

    Bike vs car, bike vs guardrail, bike vs deer, bike vs the road, bike vs another bike, well everybody knows who loses those battles.

    I'll admit sometimes I do ONE stupid thing on the bike which is riding too fast without a helmet. And I have smoked a joint and rode; very, very slowly I might add, so I'm not trying to come off all high and mighty. I don't and won't do that anymore, though, I'm gonna practice what I preach from here on out. We all make choices. I just think the booze+bike combo is the worst possible one you could make. I've made bad choices on the bike 100 mph with no helmet is pretty damn stupid now that I think about it. Heck 100 mph is pretty stupid in or on any vehicle on the road save it for Talladega, you know...

    What do y'all think about this one? Anybody think it's a good idea? What about having "a couple" and riding? PA lowered their legal limit to .08, I'm not sure what it is with a CDL but it is lower. .08 is a "couple" for most average people (like 2 drinks). Other than the legal ramifications (which absolutely suck, ever get a DUI?) I'm sure that every person that gets on a motorcycle has someone somewhere that wants them to make it home safe at the end of the ride.

    Please guys if you see someone that has had too many, don't let them throw their leg over their bike. You might feel like a jerk about it, but I'm sure his wife (or his mom or his kids) will be grateful that you did.

    I guess sometimes people forget that even the smallest lapse in judgement on a motorcycle can end up with the rider in traction or intensive care. Or the funeral home.

    All I'm saying is that I think some people should think about the others that love and care about them instead of quenching that never ending thirst.

    I hope that maybe someday this thread comes to your mind when it's one of those "did I have too many" moments. If you think you had too many, or one of your buddies thinks you had too many, you probably did.

    One night right before I bought my bike there was this dude stumbling to his relatively new bagger. His wife/girlfriend/old lady was begging him to leave the bike there and go home with their friend. He gave her the what for and proceeded to hop on his scoot. He rode to the end of the parking lot, stopped, revved her up, dumped the clutch and did a pretty impressive burnout. He turned around came back smiling ear to ear, pulled up to his lady friend to show her he could handle it. As he got off his bike I guess he forgot that the kickstand is on the left side of the bike, cause I saw him reaching for it with his right foot. He was convinced that his harley had a right hand kickstand and he was gonna use it. The bike fell over in slow motion, with him half on it. I just shook my head as we helped him pick his bike up. He was ok other than his ego (bet he's glad he had "crash bars") and he still insisted that he could ride. I could kick myself for leaving at that point instead of doing more, I sure hope he made it home ok. I wish I would have done the right thing instead of showing him that the kickstand is in fact on the left side. In my defense dude looked like he could have taken on a platoon full of marines in his sleep and I really didn't feel like picking a fight with him, it was getting to that point, he was MAD that someone told him he shouldn't ride. The barkeep even offered to pick up his cab fare if he didn't want to ride home with his lady friend. I just don't want to see that again. I'm sure I will, some people never learn.

    Again sorry for the rant or ruffling any feathers with this one. This subject strikes a nerve with me. Please I welcome your thoughts on this. I just ask that you respect my opinion about this and think about it. It might save your life one night. Ok i'm hopping off the soapbox now.

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    I don't like to drink and ride either cause I am afraid I will spill my drink. :bigsmiley22::bigsmiley22:

    Actually, I don't drink or do drugs or anything like that. My high is riding my bike and I can't ever get enough of it. I have friends who were killed because their judgement was impaired. It makes you think twice. :bigsmiley29:
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    to help you make your point. This appeared today in the "Lewiston Morning Tribune". He was my riding brother and we put on many miles together. What it doesn't say but what his brothers know is this, he was drinking, speeding, and going home after a bar fight, probably angry, when he slammed into a phone box and pole.

    "Owen O. Sexton Jr, also known as Sonny, passed away Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008, from doing what he loved to do. He was 52.He loved to ride and travel all over on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He was part of the former Banana Belt Cruisers, ABATE of northern Idaho and the Warrior brotherhood. He also liked fishing, camping and hunting with his son, Trevor. He loved spending time with his family.

    He is survived by his daughter, Tiffany Gray and her partner Erick Fitch of Coos Bay, Ore.; his sons, Trevor and wife Julie Sexton and Nicholas Sexton; his father, Owen Sexton Sr; and his wife, Carrie Sexton, all of Lewiston. He is also survived by two sisters, Wanda and husband Jerry Dunn of Mattawa, Wash., and Faye Sexton of Spokane; he had five grandchildren, William, Chez and Rosie, all of Coos Bay, and Lindsay and Evelynn Sexton, both of Lewiston. He is also survived by nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and many friends. Sonny you will be in our hearts forever, we miss you."

    In your memory bro. maybe it will help someone else

    love ya
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    I agree, there is no place for it!!! especially on a bike!!!!
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    As a law enforcement officer in my city, and even before then, I've fallen victim to 3 DUI accidents. Both on and off duty.

    I've been lucky I walk away from all of them, and they were car related, but we have several biker bars within minutes of each other here. And a fellow officer just got done with a trial where the drunken biker jumped his motor over a curbed median and launched his (also drunk) female passenger off the back of the bike. The trajectory was such that she landed straight onto her head, and the rest of her body followed, like a pile driver.


    The guy apparently argued "Well, if she was holdin on, she wouldn't have fallen." ... I guess the alcohol tests done on both him and her didn't matter in his mind.

    Just google DUI accidents "Image" and

    if People can't seem to be deterred by it, nothing will stop them except for their sudden impact.

    Interesting point to ponder... 1 out of every 10 drivers is DWI by 10pm. And the numbers creep even higher, as the night wears on.

    Though I wouldn't trade working nights for anything.
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    Stated riding at 58...would never think of drinking then riding. I want to see my grandchildren grow up..Nuf said!...and I agree with ya 100 percent! We've prevented a couple from riding that was way over the limit...we were very lucky coz they listen to us and a few others...what was cool ..the next day they both came up and hug and thanked all of us...was a totally great feeling. We did not know the people was at a HOG Rally in Arkansas..So I know sometimes they can be very combative...and one of the folks we ride with even went as far as to call the police so a guy would not get on his bike...he was really mad ...but it may have saved his life. So if ya can't stop them call the police. Never know when that will save a life.
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    Appreciate you all taking a stand on this issue. I stand with you but would probably not have brought it up because of the mis perception that it might not be cool. Thanks for standing for whats right.
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    Sad to hear that Bro. My prayers go out to everyone involved. A moment of poor decisions can lead to many broken hearts and lives.

    I won't even have one and get on the bike. You need to be on top of your game on a good day . If you impair yourself in any way you are inviting disaster.
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    Some people say "I shouldn't have to wear a helmet bacause it's my life" Or "I shouldn't have to wear a seat belt because it's my life. Well if you read the long list of family members that Owen had and that he had many friends you can see that it wasn't just his life that was effected my his poor judgement. Whether it's not wearing a helmet or not useing a seatbelt or driveing or riding under th influence. Our actions can have an effect a lot of people.

    My thoughts go out to all his family and freinds. May we all learn from this.
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    Thank you for posting that ,as a EMT ,EX LEO I have seen too many accidents involving riders that have been drinking ,I've had to tell their love ones ,friends ect that their loved one did not survive the accident . How many times have I opened a magazine that has ads about "Biker Bars " I know that these ads help to pay publishing the magazine .But when are we as SOBER riders say enough is enough. When people (some) think of "Bikers" they think of people that are tatooed ,long hair ,bearded thugs raising hell and flying up and down the roads 90 to nothing .I believe we need to change our so called reputations ,which we have with the groups like Christian motorcycle Assocaition and Ect . I did not post this to Piss anyone off or make anyone mad . This is just my opinion and we are all intitled to one . We each have our on lives to live and we live them the way we see fit . I just want to say the next time you have had a few to many drinks ( 3 Beers) and decide to get on your bike or in you car or truck ,think of your love ones ,family or friends first . What will happen to them when you are no longer here on earth to be with them ?Also think if by chance you kill someone and what you will have to live with the rest of your life and what will you say to their family ? I am Sorry!!!! Just a thought !!!!!