Bikers escort boy to school

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    Saw this when it first came out, still makes me proud to be an American and a biker every time I see it.
  3. ultra...good

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    Did anyone catch exactly why he could not have the flag on his bike? I heard that school officials felt it was a safety concern, but did not state exactly how or why they came to that conclusion. Anyone who says that you cannot fly the American Flag anywhere in this country should be deported. If there truly was a safety issue in regards to this kid and our flag, the safety concern should be eliminated with extreme prejudice, no questions asked. Maybe this is just my opinion though.
  4. dbmg

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    He has also taught these highly educated school board types something about American, the Constitution, and the right to fly his flag. What a way to stand up for your beliefs at such a young age. Common sense has again prevailed.........
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    When I seen this on TV it made be proud to be a veteran and a biker. I've bought had enough of these do gooders sayin "oh, you can't do that, it might offend someone". Last I checked this was a free country and if I want to fly the American Flag then I'm gonna do it, I don't care who takes offense to it. Either love it or leave it. Very proud of that young man, and all that supported him.
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    How cool is this, I am proud of him and proud to be an American, thanks for sharing this:s
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    Like so many of you, I'm (insert edited word) tired of those politically correct people who seem bent on giving our country away. Too many people have died for the very ideals that today we seem to ignore or we're supposed to be ashamed of or not verbalize because it might offend someone else. I'm proud to be part of the biker community that takes up such a cause.
  8. Gezzer Glide

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    That happened just down the road from my house. If I had known about the ride in I would he been there to support him. This is the state of California that should explaine why it happened////:bigsmiley30:
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    The so-called 'politically correct' are nothing more than apologists:newsmile07:.
    There is a time and a place to apologize, and then there's a time to say 'NO you are wrong':newsmile055:, we will not hide the beliefs and practices that make our country (be it Canada, USA, England, Ireland, Germany, etc) strong and free.

    And stifling the showing of your country's flag in your own country is totally, undeniably wrong.:CANADA:USA

    One should never apologize for being patriotic and supportive of the country they live in.:cheers
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    You guys think you have it bad. Here in Canada the Dire Straits song Money For Nothing was banned for having a word that was derogatory to gay people. Fa---t was the word in the song from the 80's that's been playing for 25 years or more. One person complained and the Gov. dept. in charge of radio content banned the song. What's the world coming to?