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    Hi have a friend who's a Vietnam Vet coming from Minnesota around October. Its too dear for him to bring his new Indian. He's owned Harley before this. Was wondering if anyone out there in WA would be generous enough to allow him to borrow/hire their bike for a fee. He would cover insurance and all that stuff. It's prohibitive to hire formally here in WA :( A mate lent him his bike last time he came over but he isn't in the same position to do it again. He only wants to cruise around the loutskirts of Perth - York/Toodyay/ Wheatbeld etc.

    Meant outskirts haha
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    Not sure what you mean by "It's prohibitive to hire formally here in WA :(" Why? And why not rent from a local dealer? I think you are gonna be hard pressed to find someone to rent or lend a bike to someone they don't know. I know the liability of this would stop me from doing it.

    If he's not willing to bring his "baby", why would someone let him ride theirs?

    Just sayin'

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    I see the dealership here in Wa have rental counters ,
    Shouldn't be a problem renting.
    I would let my brother ride mine, but not a stranger.
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    I lend out my bike as often as I lend out my toothbrush.Which is never.
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    I have an acquaintance that has visited a few times in the past and has ridden the sporty under supervision it is our spare bike and does need to be used from time to time

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    Here is a place close by to rent a bike , should work good.
    WA here in the states means Washington State.
    My reference to your post was thinking you ment here is where your friend was coming to.
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    Hi, thanks for your replies. To those in the US I should have clarified we are in West Australia! You are looking at about 10K to bring your own bike from US to here which is the only reason he's not bringing his own. Australia has taxes/fees on EVERYTHING!! Eaglerider aren't here - have used the in USA last year for Sturgis and they were pretty good. Dealers here don't do rentals as far as I know.

    FYI there is a big downturn in fortunes here with the end of the mining boom. West Australia has sold huge amounts of Harleys over the "good" years and there are many owners out there now with big debts and no job. Just thought there might be someone that might appreciate a few extra $ while keeping their bike.

    Cheers all
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    The link provided in post 3 is in Australia.
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