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Discussion in 'Events' started by kemo, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Who went to Bike Week in Daytona this year? What did you think. I don,t think that it was as crowded this year as past years.

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    I had two friends who went, neither knows the other, but I got the same information from both and their wives. The Daytona locals are sick of bike week and don’t want us there any more. $5 glasses of beer everywhere, price gouging on everything, $30 bucks for two burgers and cokes, less of a crowd than previous years and generally less fun all the way around. Overall both couples were more or less disappointed overall,, except for the fact any time you get to ride, is a good time.
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    I hadn't been for a couple of years, but it did seem less crowded. I even stayed out the the Daytona area and rode in just to see the things I wanted. Then took some trips to the gulf side too.
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    Hi: This is my first post. We were in Daytona from the 29th to the 15th. The first weekend was busy. They closed off the traffic to cars on main street. They should do this all week. It slowed down till thursday, and then was busy again on the weekend. I can only attribute this to locals coming in. The weather wasn't as warm, but for a northerner, it was great. My back quit aching as soon as I got there. If your looking for heaven, stay at the ocean walk, beside the Hilton. This year I saw more ladies driving than ever. Great. Got caught twice in the rain at the Cabbage Patch. The Iron Horse is fun. Destination Daytona is just that, you needed a cab from parking. It seemed the same vendors where everywhere. I had a great time, but I allways do!!!
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    The first weekend was great weather. We rode alot during the day and made the trip to Cabage, nice. Iron Horse, Broken Spoke, No change same as always. Wild Bills was charging $5 to park your bike! But they gave you a cold soda or beer for that, I did not park there not with all the other joints begging you to park for free in their lots.:D
    We would walk down to (Stayed at Hilton) Main Street and "people" watch at night, check out some of the bands that were playing and check out all the bikes. Food and drink are a little $$$ but go to a foot ball game or hockey game...$3 to $4 for a beer not that bad. Seems it was a little busy the first weekend then the ending weekend.
    Will go back next year, having freinds that live down there makes it easy getting around the traffic. And if you smart and mind the laws, there are no issues but if you go looking for get it!
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    This was my third year going to Daytona and this year my buddy and I decided to go to Tampa Bay and stayed a few days and then kept heading closer to Daytona. We were in Dayton for the Thursday. I found it a little less crowded than the first 2 times and when we were in the raceway it was $7.00 for half a hot dog or burger and $4.00 for a pop or water. I liked this trip better than the other years just because i got to do more riding than sitting in traffic.
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    Being a local, I don't go to Bike Week... I stopped going 9 or 10 years ago when the 4 idiots from Idaho, riding customs, crossed 4 lanes of traffic coming out Hooters (on International Speedway Blvd), cut me and the wife off, and made a u-turn to go back toward the Beach...

    WAAAAAYYYYY to many folks come here that have not ridden in a long time (winter months)... And I think that causes a disconnect between their brain and right hand. It seems that cabin fever drives a lot of folks down for March bike week. Too little riding, too much beer and not enough common sense is why a lot of locals are glad to see the crowds down for bike week....

    The city of Daytona is more interested in being a "family vacation spot". They have driven the spring breaker out. And have set their sites on the bike crowd.

    That's why destination Daytona is not in daytona.... The owner of Dest Daytona is also the owner Daytona HD. He wanted to buy the land across from the shop, the city said NO. He asked if he could continue to rent it Bike Week. The city said no and built the threater (Arts Center) that''s there now...

    That's part of what's going on... Bike week is spreading to Orlando and areas North and South of Daytona and that means more winter rebels without a clue speeding thru our neighborhoods with loud pipes at all hours of the day and night. And yes, that includes blowing off the school zone signs, passing in the breakdown lane and splitting lanes.

    The city's price for vendor licenses has gone thru the roof.... they have made it clear that bike week is not all that important to them. Part of that is from the citizens. they don't want the noise, they don't want the traffic, they don't want people parking in their driveways and on their lawns. They don't want guys taking leaks on the side of their houses. They are basically tired of it. It was different 15 years ago. The bikers seemed to care about their conduct and tired not to upset the locals.

    We live in Florida for the winter weather. And unfortunately what comes with it is voiced in my location tag....
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    Hmmmm was considering going next year to check it out. I have never been. Wanted to go, check it out for a day or two then go ride the keys. Thought the keys would be a blast on the bike. What do you guys think? HAs anyone done it?
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    The first time I went to Daytona was four years ago and it was so fun it should have been illegal. I went with two girls I know and we found a condo-tel with a jacuzzi one block away from the main street for $100 a night just by walking up.

    The party was ON and I mean it....girls were hitting on my two female friends all night. I am telling you, we had a blast that time :thanks

    Since then, it's been getting weaker and weaker. There is still a big party and all but not with the same "anything goes" mentality. I know people get hurt at these sorts of things but a huge party is exactly that, a huge party. You can always count on running into issues when soooo many people come from all over to get away from it all.

    I will continue to hit Daytona each year for a couple of reasons. One is that I love to check out all of the bikes and be part of that action. Second is that I want to support the reason for it all. We are all together there because we are part of a bigger biker community and I like that. You don't see parties like this for people who drive BMW's do you?