Bike Trailer Design

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  1. Scottie

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    Looking for some technical drawings to build a bike trailer (single and dual).

    Had the misfortune of parking my bike a few months into the side of a 4 wheeler after the diver decided to U turn without giving a (edit). Misery was compounded by seeing my Softail slid onto a flat bed truck and carted off!

    We ride in Asia and not much big bike dealers to support local activity.Want to get a trailer built "just in-case" a similar scenario occurs or find ourselves in a breakdown situation.

    Importation considered but problematic! All responses much appreciated.
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  2. vtbikers

    vtbikers Active Member

    You can buy one cheaper than building one, unless you are a welder and have access to materials cheap.
  3. Rewind

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    Look around the internet and you can find all the plans you need to build a trailer. But I agree with VT can buy one cheaper than building one, unless you have access to parts and free labor.
  4. jimweaver

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    Any flat bed will work. Use a wheel chock in front and install four d-rings for the tie-downs. Go at least 7' wide if you want to haul two bikes along side of each other (8 d-rings, 2 chocks). The tricky part is the ramp, make sure its wide enough to get your feet down when riding the bike up. And long enough so the angle isn't too steep, just in case she's be temperamental and refuses to run and wants a ride home. You'll have to push her up!