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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by ewiltgen, May 7, 2009.

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    My wife just got her own bike, so we are looking for a good way to comunicate while touring. I have an Ultra she has a 09' Sporty Low. (She wasn't comfortable with a big twin she is only 5'0" 105lbs.) The bike fits her perfectly and we are in the proces of setting it up for touring. I have narrowed it down to one of 3 systems. The "Cardo Scala Rider, ChatterBox GMRS X1 or ChatterBox XBi2. I would like any input from anyone who has used any of these and weather or not they liked them or thought they were junk. :s
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    I'm looking as well, for something I can use bike to bike, as well as 2-up, that wont break the bank.
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    I'm in, too. Educate us!
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    I know I'm not helping but I'm also looking for bike to bike, preferrably something that will work with an open face helmet without wind interference - Ive heard of throat mikes that might be a better job - anyone tried these?
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    yup, I'm in, old lady is making wayyyy to much noise about getting a ride for herself.

    I would be interested in the open face too.

    (now sits and waits for some smart guy to come along and edubecate us ) :)
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    My buddys wife put the J&M CB on her RKC, they can talk and she can know what's going on in group rides.
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    I have Scala2 bike to bike. My wife is learning to ride. I can coach her through situations as she learns.
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    I have done a lot of research on this matter and there is a lot of choices for different options. The one thing it really comes down to is "you get what you pay for". If you try to go cheap you will get cheap and if you're serious about wanting to go down this route you will end up spending more money to get better quality or for different options and mounting. If you want to just talk to another biker you can go bluetooth but you have to stay close ~300 yards, GMRS/FRS (Chatterbox) you will get maybe 1/2 mile, CB (J&M) again about 1/2 mile. With I think only J&M being bike powered. I know that some but I don't think they all also provide rider/passenger comm, I-Pod and/or cell phone input if you want that capability. Problem with Bluetooth, CB & GMRS is that you're commited, you only talk with those that have the same. I think this is where the CB is in the majority. Again this just depends on who you ride with. If you spend the $$$ and get something like an Autocom or Starcom system you have the option to run what ever you need to run with. I got the Autocom ProAVi system and can connect either a CB, GMRS/FRS or Ham radio as well as have rider/pass com, I-Pod, cell phone & GPS at the same time. I use a 4 watt GMRS and 5 Watt Ham radio and had a 2+ mile range riding around in the mountains of Ore & Wa. As for quality I've had phone conversations running at 60MPH and they didn't even know I was on a bike. Very clear.
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    That sounds very interest, but is that wireless or does your system have cables connecting between you and the bike? hjt
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    I use a pair of IMC mike and speakers for bike to bike communication $70 each
    IMC Mic. and Speaker Kit for Bike-to-Bike Communication, Half Helmet

    And a pair of Midland GMRS/FRS radios I picked up for $30 for the pair.
    Midland® 16 - mile GMRS / FRS

    The headsets come with a PTT switch and you can specify what you want for radio adapter, all included. I like the flexibility of this setup, by using two small radios they can be used bike to bike, bike to car, or rider passenger. If you do tours, or ride with people who have CBs you simply pick up a portable CB for the headset. I decides on the GMRS/FRS radios because of their size they fit in the pocket of our jackets and can be carried when walking around in case we get separated. This also works if you are skiing or even hunting, hiking etc.