Bike stops for no good reason

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by bigbikerballs, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Hie i have a 2007 softail custom vance and hines slip ons hi flo filter and fuel pac so for so good.Its got about 9000 miles on the clock serviced on time and looked after.But there is a small problem every so often it just stops as if the ignition switch has been turned of on the move ,speedo goes to zero everything is of ,alarm self arms and thats it ,its dead but the ignition is still on.If iturn it of and on a few times it springs to life and goes no problems . this problem may not happen again for months or it may do it again in an hour. Checked fault codes all clear ,replaced main fuse,batery conected ok.

    lost need help thanks
  2. glider

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    From what you say, I would check the ignition switch and the wires connected on the back of it.Have been some problems with the contacts inside too. Try moving the ignition switch when it happens again to see if it reconnects. Also the main breaker and remove the battery terminals and wire brush them and refasten then again.
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    thanks i got new switch .Not a harley one.The contacts inside my switch were pathetic but the ones inside the cheap switch are very good ,real copper looking bits .Put all these bits inside the harley switch (to keep the same keys) works just fine , a big improvement on the harley junk.
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    So are you saying the problem in the original post is gone? If so, it was definitely the switch, as Glider suggested. Thanks for the update!

    Oh, and welcome to the forum - don't be a stranger!
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    My 06 FLHX did this exact same thing last year,,ofcourse it happened 500 mile from home during a trip to the York PA plant......I took it to Gettysburg HD dealer,,,they pulled it right in and found a broken retainer clip in the ignition switch connector,,,fixed it under warranty and had me on my way in an hour or so....