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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Whiterook, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Always looking for an excuse to ride somewhere, I noticed on the internet a car and bike show in my area. There are to be awards for bikes in different classes. The classes were; Sportster, Touring, Import, Custom, and street stock. I have a nice bike and I am thinking about entering but I don't know if I would be classed as Custom or street stock. My question is; what defines custom and street stock? Is that determined by the show or is there a common definition in the bike world known to all but me? My bike is regular bike, no custom paint but lots of extra chrome accessaries. It's my bike I ride everywhere and I'll ride it to the show if I enter.
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    I worked with a guy that had a totally stock, totally blinged out Ultra Classic, that loved to enter shows. At some shows he said he could pick his class, at others, the organizers picked the class for him. He had trophies for everything except "chopper" class, so I guess it depends on the organizers.:bigsmiley30:

    P.S. He said the key to a trophy was detailing. No dirt, no spots,,,, anywhere.
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    As Breeze said it is usually up to who is running the event to decide the classes LOL, we built a Trike on a Shovel FLT frame and won a trophy years ago reason was no other trikes were entered, good luck and hope you place if you enter its all about the bikes and yours is special if not to others certainly to you it is:D