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    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    Been doing some reading in the sel help tips and just wanted to clarify on using a lift . Me being the paranoid guy I am I plan on using tie down straps . Is just 1 going over the seat good enough or since the jack has four tie down points would it be better to use 4 straps . I was looking but wasn't real sure where I can attatch 4 straps to the bike which is a soft tail night train by the way . I couldn't find any pictures where anyone did it that way .
  2. rick1062

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    I usually use one strap on each side, from the frame under the seat area, down to the jack tie downs. It just gives a lot of stability. Of course you can put the straps on until you have reached the height that you want to leave the bike at. By strapping the bike to the frame, the footprint of the bike is now the size of the whole jack, not just the lift points. I know people say it is not needed, but it is like wearing suspenders with a belt on. A second layer of protection that just takes a couple of minutes.
  3. rick1062

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    One strap over the seat wouldn't really do very much if disaster strikes. But one each way would do wonders.
  4. Porter

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    Depends upon what I am doing.

    Cleaning the wheels, checking the fasteners: one strap.
    Taking a wheel off or having to persuade the exhaust off: as many as I can get on 4 points.

    Something is better then nothing when the bike could be unbalanced easily from pulling on things or unweighted when removing a tire.

    There is probably more stress on a bike lift due to leverage when it is just barely lifting the bike off the ground, but I still subscribe to lifting the bike the minimum amount needed to get the job done, just in case.
  5. Iceman24

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    BOWHIKER; if you go w/one of the "quality" lifts (like J&S or PitBull) you won't have to use any straps, unless you decide to go skateboarding down the driveway w/bike raised...;) They're designed with a wider/sturdier frame to stabilize your scoot.

    I elevate my 800+ lb. 09 FLHX whenev it's idle in my garage & it would take a pretty good earthquake to shake it loose.
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    The bike is actually more stable if lifted to max height with the safety latches in place because of the design configuration of the jack. It seems like lower is better, but the stability difference can be easily seen by pushing down on the front or rear with the bike just off the ground and at max height. Amazing difference. I always store my ultra at full height.
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    I use the straps designed for hauling bikes. They have a loop on one end to go around the handgrip and the other I hook to the anchor point on the lift - which is a J&S Jack, and as has been said is extremely stable w/o straps.
  8. rklew

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    Same here, I don't use straps and the bike will not move.