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    Ok, so I am being told that my bike should be delivered next week depending on when it clears customs so I have to ask what insurance company to you Irish and Uk people use. I have a full Irish D/L without motorcycle endorsement. I was told I could you my American D/L with motorcycle endorsement while I wait to take all the tests to get the endorsement


  2. fin_676

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    I have my sportster with devitt 0845 308 8640
    and the two big twins with bennetts 0870 333 0088
    so you can try both of them and see which is best
    had the bmw with carole nash for a while but they cost a little more and ended up moving it to devitt however when i got the second sportster devitt wanted £60 per year more than the first one a 93 and second a 94 both 883 couldnt figure that one out
    buy a copy of motor cycle news comes out on a wednesday and in there you may find some additonal offers by quoting a particular phrase to get 10% off
    dont pay by direct debit pay as a one off payment then they have to work to get you to pay again next year ( Best Price)

    Hope this helps

  3. HarleyHarry

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    I now have the HD insurance but used Carol Nash before. If you can NEVER use direct debit. DD charges up to 35% interest.
    Not sure if you can use your US licence in combination with a UK/Irish insurance. Give Bennet a ring, I find them very approachable and friendly. Lot of the guys there are bikers too and wouldn't mess you around.
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    You've been had! I pay £303 full comp, aggreed value, leather, legal & accessories. For an extra £24 I've added the Triumph.
    And this is with HD insurance!
  5. gunnut

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    you both been done!I have fully comp with Bennets,inclusive accessorys with max no claims,£250 exess £192.
  6. HarleyHarry

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    But yours has no legal and certainly not the aggreed value.
  7. cedarbrook63

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    I have fully comp with ebike insurance - they're an on-line firm and conduct their business by email. DON'T phone them - it's over £1 per minute.
    The good thing is they will cover you for unlimited time in EU - 365 days just so long as the bike is kept predominantly at your primary residence. Now I don't know how they work that little paradox out but the important point is that the 30, 60 or 90 days limit outside of the UK does not apply.