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Bigger Tank?


Is it possible to put the larger 1200 tank onto the 883 frame by chance?

While I get decent mileage, I'd like to ride just a weeeee bit further than a hundred miles before I have to fill up again...
so I spoke with the techs at my harley shop... they say it won't. Didn't give any explanation, just said it wont...

I was pondering the same subject, but what I found was only a 1.2 gallon increase in tank size( Thats comes out to 60 to 80 extra miles. I am not sure if it is worth it in my case.
I put an aftermarket 4 gallon Stretch tank on mine! You just have to deal with a couple more hoses. But it works GREAT! Can go at least 130 miles before I have to hit the gas station.
I put an 2006 Softail tanks on mine with the same color on my sporty and it works fine. It takes a little moving things around but it can be done. I love it... I can now cruise over 350KM or more on it. Depends on the driving conditions. (That's the main tank and I still have the reserve on stand by) The benefits beside the extra distance, it also lower the centre of gravity.. I can take tighter turns and is not as tipsy. Good Luck!!

PS. If you lower you sporty... make sure looking into moving your wire on top of the fender.. mine got shredded . I have a aftermarket 1 inch lowering kit on a 06 XL883L installed.
Here is a PIC with softail tank

Here is a quick pic of my 06 sporty with 06 Softail Tank installed. Check it out... I will try to get a few more good pic in a couple of days and post it.

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