Big Sucker air cleaner oil leaks

Discussion in 'Oil' started by KrecoLuke, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. KrecoLuke

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    Hey fellow bikers and bikerettes!

    Got a minor oil leak that seems to be coming out from around my Big Sucker air cleaner. I unscrewed everything, to find that some of the screws were just on the border of being a tad loose. I'm not sure that is what the problem is though. When I put on the back plate of the kit, it cracked just around the screw hole. A fine crack on either side but there, none-the-less. I'm also a little confused about the "screws within the bolts". How far do they go in? Two will go in nearly all the way but leave enough for the long bolts to screw onto. The bottom "screw" will screw in until its below the surface of the plate, thereby leaving nothing for the long bolt to screw onto.
    Hope I'm not confusing anyone. The gasket that came with the kit would in no way fit the EFI intake opening so I just used the old one which seemed to be in good shape, anyway.
    Any help here would sure be appreciated. far should I screw in the "inner screws"? Is it likely I'll have to replace the backplate because of the fine cracks? Surely, by now, you can see this is the first HD I've ever owned. I do like it but it's frustrating getting to know all it's little kinks.

    Thanks alot for your help.

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    I have the Big Sucker on an '07 FXST. I had none of the issues installing that you describe. Are you sure you got the right model for your bike. A picture might help.?? Can you go back to where you bought it and return it for a defective back plate?