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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by birdmandave, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Last week traded a Vulcan 900 Custom on an 01 Ultra Classic. Took the classic for a test ride and handled it well. One week later, and not so confident. I have to back it out of my courtyard, and twice have been stuck. I won't surrender and won't give up, but it's frustrating. Hard to have a worryfree ride with a little apprehension. Maybe it will make me a little more attentative. When I'm out there cruising with feet on pegs, tunes playing, and cruise set, can't think of anything better to do. This site is very informative, already took the advise of those who traveled before me.

    Smart man learns from his mistakes, wise man learns from others mistakes.
  2. martillo

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    I felt the same way over 7 years ago, 26 years between bikes last one was a 900 kawi. Take your time, go to big parking lot an d practice. Also might look into CD's by Jerry"Motorman" Palladino. Ride like a pro, best 30.00 bucks I have spent on the bike.
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    What kind of problems are you having with the bike?
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    If "backing out of my courtyard" is your problem, give us details about it.
    Size, shape, compostion, slope, distance etc. Our members are in all manor of the trades and I'm sure will come up with great ideas.
  5. HDDon

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    If backing out of your courtyard is a problem because the bike is a little tall (legs are never too short) you can look into having the soles on your boots added to, or maybe a seat that places you lower in the bike.
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    You need to remember and I am sure you will as you become more confident, that with the Glide that weighs at least 300 more pounds than prevoius bike you never park it where you need to back up unless it is completely flat. So is courtyard big enough to pull in and turn around before you park???
  7. btsom

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    Are you trying to back up hill? Perhaps backing IN and driving out would work better.

    Undoubtedly you are not a beginner but I'll ask anyway. Have you ever used the technique of holding the front brake while you swing your weight forward and compress the front suspension, then as it rebounds, swing your weight backward with the rebound and release the front brake near the top of the suspension rebound? It will give you a little inertia to start backing up if you are in dirt or trying to go up a slight grade. If necessary, that can be repeated over and over and get you an inch or so each time until you get past the the hold-up.
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    I read he has been "struck" two times while backing out of his courtyard. I would ask this question - are you backing out into a road? What struck you - a car or truck or what? OR - did you strike something - perhaps a tree or garbage can or another parked car or what??

  9. HDDon

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    He stated he has been "stuck" not struck.
  10. Jack Klarich

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    More info , Better yet a picture would help to see what is going on:s