big city thunder baffles

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    I have heard alot about big city thunder and have read several reviews. They sound like a good product and something I would like to try. I run V&H short shots and have never been impressed with the sound from them. I am hoping Big City will the sound qualities of the exhaust. My question is will I need to retune the motor after installation? Or can I just switch out the old baffles and run without the retune? The bike is carburated if that makes a difference.
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    On my 94 with Python exhaust I went from no baffels to Big City Thunder without rejetting. I did get a lot more mid range torque as advertized. Sound went from loud (no baffels) to not quite as loud deep rumble.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Once you change out to the new exhaust, Do the check on how it runs... IF it is Lean it will show and too fat it will do the same... Much easier to change exhaust and ride then decide...than to Guess..

    Jets are easy to understand and to change out Without Taking OFF the carb... If you need help WE will be here to Help..

    I always Change out the 4 carb phillip-headed screws to allen headed at 5/8 long.. This allows easy access to the under side of carb. making it Not too bad to remove bowl On the bike..

    I hate when I strip out the phillips head.

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    Sounds like a plan Bubbie but how will I know if the bike is running lean or rich? I know I can check the spark plugs for color but that seems more like guess work than real science. Is there a more accurate way or anything else I can do to make sure I am properly tuned?