Big Build Break In

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  1. What are some of the best ways to brake in a big build engine.

  2. Hobbitt,
    what about the crank? Do you have your crank pin welded on these builds or you don't have them welded?
  3. I have 90 miles now on my 117.Do you think i should get it dyno now or wait the 1000 miles that my builder told me to do?
  4. Hobbitt,
    man you don't know how scared i am to put this thing on the dyno for fear the (edit) bearings in the crank will come apart again.I told the builder that i wanted the s/s crank welded and he charged me $325 and sent it off to falicon cranks in florida but come to find out when i called them they had no record of the crank being sent to them so needless to say i cancelled the check before he could cash it so you can see now why i am nervous as(edit) in putting thatbike on the dyno.
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