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    Can anyone tell me what the average cost would be to upgrade my Twin Cam 88( Parts and labor.) I am looking at boring the jugs to 95" and doing head work(oversizing,porting,) and would like to switch over to a gear cam(Knight Prowler cams).I'm told I can expect 110hp. and 100tq. is this realistic. Thanks

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    SUGGESTED: BEFORE YOU GO DOWN THAT ROAD YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK AND READ a little more on YOUR bike 2002 model year...... If it were me AGAIN, (2000FXDS BUILT BIG n 570SS gear drive with all the PLUS STUFF.)
    I would go with the newer style KITS available TODAY...THE OLDER (pre 07 big bike) needs a LOT OF UPGRADES before JUST GEAR N CAMS N BIG BORE N HEAD_VALVE WORK....
    FOR ME it was a lot of money to do it the RIGHT WAY, going with ALL the NEEDED upgrades to make it WORTH WHILE and a LONG LASTING HOT ROD....

    The conversion KIT address's the CAM TENSION SHOES and CHAIN PROBLEM by going HYDRAULIC on the tenssioners(a must), along with a BIGGER volume (much needed oil pump) and a NEW CAM support plate.. all for 429.99$ from HD...

    IF you WANT TO GO GEAR DRIVE like I did. THE OIL PUMP AND CAM PLATE IS still necessary in MY BOOK...

    i paid 450$ just for the oil pump by fueling and their lifters(good stuff) and a 359$ DELKRON cam plate...
    YOU CAN get ALL the needed UP-GRADED stuff in the KIT and JUST USE THE OIL PUMP AND CAM PLATE .... for the COST savgs on these needed items...

    THEN the BUILD the HOT ROD the way you want by going GEAR DRIVE...
    just a suggestion from one WHO HAS been DOWN that road.


    4429.$+ KIT(just for pump n plate use) + for the NEW 95" cyl bbls (not bored) much better...
    95"PISTONS high comp.,heads flowed ported and MANLEY springs n valves,1400$ plus GEAR DRIVES n CAMS 700$ more .... +YOUR LABOR .... JUST my GUESS. around 2500 for ALL.....

    JUST my GUESS...
    pistons n new cyl,head work,cams-gear drives 12/1500$ by them self. your labor. NO NEW PUMP n PLATE
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    If you are fitting hi-lift cams look at fitting roller rockers as well, it will save you money in the long run.