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    Thanks to Chopper and Hobbit for your advice. I would appreciate any more input on this performance upgrade I am thinking about. First off I would like to upgrade my 2002 fatboy to the Screaming Eagle 110".I am know I will have to replace my flywheel and do case boring to accomodate this. I am dealing with a pro. machine shop who I think is both knowledgeable and fair. I am dealing over the internet for the parts needed to try and keep cost under 4k. My guy thinks I am crazy. He does not like SE stuff and says I am being sucked in just for the SE script on the heads. (maybe he's right). He would suggest a 95" bore with work on the heads and hopfully a gear cam.($3500) I am told even if I buy the 110"performance kit the cams with this kit could not be used (the kit is for 2008-2010 touring. Am I biting off more than I can chew?

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    JUST MY OPINION IF I were doing the UP-GRADE and YOUR bike were mine.. REPLACEMENT ENGINE first choice..

    second choice
    I would go with a not over 10.0/1 compression 95" big bore.... have the heads PROPER ported n flowed for the size of engine and the choice of CAMS..
    I went with a 42 mikuni and manifold... offered improvement BUT found the stock harley carb was HARD to beat and should of stayed with it....

    I would only go with the KIT TYPE UPGRADE (hyd.) OFFERED TODAY using tne newer style cam tensioners....WITH the KIT comes the MUCH NEEDED OTHER UPGRADES ...... they are; NEWER style OIL PUMP and CAM support plate... with the sprokets and chain... around 429.99 and you will need MORE than just the kit..
    spacers,torrington berings and gaskets...

    I have done the GEAR DRIVE on a 2000 dyna and had GREAT results BUT I replaced the oil pump with feuling and delkron cam plate.bigger$$$$ than todays offered KIT with all the parts needed for HYD,. conversion..


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    Hmmm, well your bike your money. But 4k would buy you a brand new harley crate motor (88) from the factory. A friend just put a Dave Mackie bolt in cam into his 88 and is hitting a little under 90 horse and 90 FPT on the dyno. His total cost was under 2k The 110 is I think around 100 horse and 100 FPT out of the box. Just food for thought.
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    I agree with 98fat, you can get your engine reman, engines reman is better then new, plus it has warranty and it can come already big bore if you want.

    View attachment ENGINE REMAN PRICES.pdf
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    If I were in your shoes I would do either one of two builds. The first one I would consider is a 96in big bore conversion from AMS with Andrews 21G cams. It is priced at a very reasonable $1495.00 and includes everything including gaskets, head work and the whole nine yards, parts only.
    This is the link

    |Automotive Machine & Supply Inc.|

    The second build that I would consider is in this month's Hot Bike magazine that uses S&S 97in big bore kit with their 583 Easy Start cams. The dyno sheet looks impressive with 88.90 hp and 102.51 tq. It has a nice flat torque line.
    Here is the link for this build

    S&S 97ci Big Bore Part 2 - Hot Bike Magazine

    I don't think that it is worth the extra $$$$ to do the 110 build. And no the cams that come with the 110 kit will not fit they are for 2007 and up. The inner bearing journals are a different size.

    Well that's my 2 cents,