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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by xxspark, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. xxspark

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    Hi; I am thinking about upgrading my 88 twin to a 95". My local dealer also suggested replacing the primary and secondary chain tensioner. Total estimated cost of $2300.00. Is this a reasonable price or should I be content with the performance of the 88. I should mention the bike is a carb. Should I also be looking at the SE heavy breather?
  2. prodrag1320

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    WOW!! thats more than twice what we`re getting!!
  3. Chopper

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    Welcome xxspark that sounds ball park for a dealer if their talking Hybrid kit with oil pump, then the update is worth wild, or you could go gear drive cams also, here's a set up I've done on a 02 or 03 fat boy with S&S 510G's a mild road able cam, you will like the perforamce ether way you go. And yes on the heavy breather. Sounds like you might want to get a estimate from prodrag.
  4. Brutal FXDX

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    i have the hydraulic tensioner upgrade in my 02 fxdx and so far so good with just shy of 30k in a year. the only thing that concerns me is running the old silent chain on the rear with a new hydraulic unit. i will find out how it works out when i tear it down next month sometime.
    If you dont want to do the hydraulic tensioners just replace the old ones with the same spring loaded tensioners, replace the cams with a bolt in cam like the s&s 510 as chopper said. no need to go bigbore if you dont have the cash. your bike will be like night and day with just a good set of cams, ign, pipes and aircleaner, plus you have a carb so that makes it even easier. I know the dealer is just trying to get you to spend more money that you dont have too. I work for one:bigsmiley11: