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    Thanks Glider, You posted a self help back in May about shifter lever replacement. I put in an order with Better Lever, 20 minutes later i get a phone call from Conrad the owner. He has excellent customer relations. we probably talked for 20 plus minutes. he offered his advise and concerns with my problem. The main reason for the call was to extend my 10% discount for being a member of HDT...said he had talk with you in the past and was following thru on his obligation to members. if any of you run into this, this is a good avenue, beats the alternative of pulling the primary. you will need a good dremel tool and take your time cutting (patience). Took me and a bud close to 5 hrs off and on to old lever off and new lever on. If you talk with Conrad please pass on the excellent service and excellent product...did I mention he got it to me 2 days after ordering..

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    19 up some pictures when you can, others will be interested on how it looked. :D
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    Not to (EDIT) on better lever .And i guess it is a good idea for the less mechanically inclined .I pulled my inner primary to replace my lever (21.00 msrp) .It took a couple hours and a few dollars worth of gaskets ,outer primary gasket being the most expensive.And a quart of oil.I am glad i did mine the way i did.BUT.If you are the type that can dent up a steel ball with a feather, the better lever is probably a good idea.Just food for thought

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    Is their a list somewhere of what is determined to be offensive language? .I honestly had thought it through before posting and didn't see what i wrote as offensive.But within a few minutes of posting ,i was warned.I'm not trying to be difficult ,I'm just curious about how the word i used became offensive. Thank you
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    If you look in the link by clicking on it in the red and white banner in your post it will give you an general idea of what isn't allowed. Generally speaking members are expected to post without "expletives" or language of any kind. Violating these rules will bring about an action that is not reversible.

    In your case the word removed wasn't a very bad one so you just got a warning instead of a vacation or infraction.
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    I recently had the same issue with a bad lever. After a lot of thinking about it, I went the way of removing the primary. I agree with Motor, it was a snap to do and very inexpensive. Having said that, if I had found some damage on the tranny shaft, I would not hesitate to try this product as an alternative to going into the tranny even if it didnt last forever. I also agree with Motor that it is a nice albeit pricey alternative for folks leary of pulling the primary apart.

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    Yes, when I looked at the video I said to myself, "I bet that baby cost $80 bucks!"..
    I was not even close. But it can save you some time/money in a pinch for sure.
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    my reason for initial reply was because the OP stated "it took five hours".It doesn't appear to be a time saver.I can see how it might be difficult to saw off old lever with a dremel without bouncing it around a time or two and scarring up the back of the primary and the trans.I think it is a good idea for ,as Bodeen said,a quick repair if you have a damaged shaft.JMO