Beta Gen III Operation Questions

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    I have recently purchased an '08 Fatbob that has a Beta Gen III controller on it. The bike has stage 1 (SE heavy breather, SE slip-ons) and is getting 28 MPG. I know that this can be improved and there are a couple of threads here that look like they will help me out.

    The problem is, when I cycle through the adjustment modes, I don't see what I'm expecting to see on the controller. When I start the bike, the lights cycle 1-8 and back in green several times, then the first led goes solid green, all others off. When I press the mode button, all of the leds go off. This happens through three modes, then the 8 led blinks red, then red/blue, then red again.

    So the adjustment cycle is like this:
    8 blink red
    8 blink red/blue
    8 blink red

    Does this indicate that there is something wrong with the unit? It seems like this process should be pretty straight forward, but am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Here is a link to the install instructions:
    Install Instructions
    In there it will go over what your base settings are. If you can't seem to see all six modes Green, Yellow, Red, Green/Blue, Yellow/Blue and Red/Blue please give us a call.