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Best True duals/fuel pack combination


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I want to go true duals on my 07 FHLR Road King, primarily to get rid of the heat on my leg from the right rear crossover pipe.

I don't want wicked loud, just a nice rumble. Thinking of Rinehart true duals cause a lot of folks have them and I am not familiar with anything else.

In your opinion, (and you guys have a lot of good opinions which I why I like this site) what is the best combination of headers, exhausts, air cleaner, and fuel pack for my bike?

I currently run a SE stage 1 air cleaner, factory download, with Rush slipons. I tentatively am thinking, Rinehart, K&N air cleaner, and PCIII. I don't want to miss a better combo because of my limited knowledge in this area. I know Vance and Hines true duals work with their fuel pack and don't need any mapping. Don't know what air cleaner goes with that combo or how good it is.

So, what do you think?
A buddy of mine had the Rinehart true duals addded to his 08 R/K. Nice rubble at idle and when you stomp on it, LOUD as heck (to loud for me). As for the heat on the right side, you will feel the heat on the left side, it does get pretty hot in traffice,slow moving traffic. He seems to be very happy with it. My 2 cents of info. Hope it helps
His specs
08 R/K 110 motor
stage 1
Rinehart true duals
If you like the sound of the rush muflers (I do I had them on my last bike.) You can get the Hance & Hines header pipes and keep the rush muflers. Do a race tuner or 1 of the many tuner packs available, talk to your dealer.
Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, I do like the sound of my mufflers as is. Do like the look of the rineharts. Think I'll try the PCIII for now and see if I notice a difference.

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My friend put the Rienharts on hi 08 street glide and loves them and they sound good at idle or cruising but when he gets on it his ol' lady covers her ears cuz they BARK!
Another vote for Rienhart true duals. My local dealership service people recommend them. When I recently asked about true duals, they recommended them.
My vote is for the Rhineharts too. My buddy put them on his RK, and loves them. It's about 50/50 in sales between them and the V&H pipes at work.
Rush now has available true duals that are ceramic coated. I have them ordered and am told that Rush says they are 50% less heat than stock pipes. I have rush mufflers and they offer several different baffles for them.
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Vance & Hines Dresser Duals with Oval slip-ons for me. I love the looks and the sound. It has a nice rumble at idle and when you twist the throttle it comes alive. The ovals look great under the bags, it's got that HotRod look (at least it does to me). [:)>

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