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Best Stand or Lifting device for Road King


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Guys, any suggestions as to which is the best device to get both wheels off the ground for winter and also gives best access underneath for cleaning purposes. Ta.
Without a doubt a lift from I have one and just love it. My ultra sat lifted all winter. Gave the 70 dollar Harbor Freight to my brother! While all sizes will fit, they were designed to accommodated the bigger sized HDs. My scoot sits rock solid even at the highest point and doesn't need strapping. Can push it around with one hand. A little pricey compared to Harbor Freight or Northern Tool. Then again, way cheaper than a ramp and I don't have to worry about it coming down on top of me.
I had one from northern hyd., every time I lifted myEG i nearly had a heart attack. I gave it to my brother-in law anf bought me an Pit Bull! Quite pricie but well worth it,and they have some nice asscories.:bigsmiley17:
159 for for my sears pro had it a couple weeks use it on my RG and FB works well and I can wheel them all on the jack I played with it for a couple hours one rainy day just to see how stable it was. It passed all the test.
And it goes lower than any others I have seen so far it will fit under even with a flat tire.
THIS is not the RED one it is the yellow pro.
Aloy of reading I have seen nothing good about the red one.
Also the straps and height extenders come with it not extra.

We got the same model, & I agree, it is pretty good for the $ for basic stuff around the shop. I haven't been brave enough to lift our bikes as high as it will go, but I'm a chicken & I've been working on the bikes by myself more than I like, so I stay a bit nervous. But I got the hubby's electra glide on there yesterday. He was there to spot me, but I did it.