Best MC Routes

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  1. BigG

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    What are the best roads for MC riding (cruising)?
  2. dbmg

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    Any two lane with no destination in mind, and no limit on time with the added excitement of some serious curves and the ability to go at for a whole day...:s
  3. oldhippie

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    Man that's a real subjective thing to put a finger on. There are so many and sometimes it's just the fact you're on a bike that makes it great.

    'Going to the Sun Road' Logan Pass Montana
    Riding the Transcanada Hwy around Lake Superior Ontario, Canada side.
    Black Hills South Dakota.
    Hwy 101 up the Oregon coast.
    Hwy 211 from Sandy to Woodburn Oregon.
    Hwy 410 The Chinook Pass from Tacoma to Yakima Washington.
    Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
    Almost any road on Prince Edward Island

    I'm sure others will come up with many, many more.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    29 might have to be a LITTLE more specific - challenging ride, scenery, places to stop and eat, etc.
  5. gusotto

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    Wisconsin is a good state to tour in as almost all the roads are paved.
    You can go just about any direction and the road will be paved.
  6. bwalsh22

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    Way too many options there. In the Lehigh Valley I read an article in American Iron that had a great route, through our local zoo, lots of twists, woods and scenery. Out in San Jose, my buddy took us down by Alice's, Skyline Drive and out to Highway 1...GREAT RIDE! Lots of twists and great scenery.

    The answers are endless here, but if you have a particular location I am sure there are some people here then can provide you the best routes.
  7. menoble

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    Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail of the Dragon, Cherahola Skyway, Spearfish Canyon, Needles Highway, Nemo road, Badlands, the road home from work, all great rides.
  8. sfarson

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    My criteria... Curving, scenic, lonely, with scattered small towns to pass through along the way. They can be found in every state.
  9. Mainah

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    Anywhere the land is not flat. Hills and mountains force road builders to put in curves. You can find everything from sweepers to hairpin turns and switchbacks. In my opinion nothing is as boring as watching the highway disappear into the distance with nary a curve.

    Some of my favorite areas are New England and upstate New York. Lots of fun curvy roads and neat little inns to spend the night.

    North Carolina and Tennessee, using Asheville or Gatlinburg as a base. So many roads and outstanding barbeque.

    Summit County Colorado, fun winter or summer.

    British Columbia Good roads great scenery and the best Chinese food this side of Hong Kong.

    Just some of the best riding areas I've been to and there are so many more it would take ten lifetimes to make a dent in them.
  10. fin_676

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    The road i like the most is the A9 the longest road in Scotland i often do from aviemore to perth on the road it is a fast road having been realigned during the latter part of the last century but the scenery is absolutely stunning as you ride through the grampian mountains
    if going north cross the kessock bridge on to the black isle then on across the dornoch firth and following the east coast of the northern part of scotland once through the wee town of brora the road changes in character from a modern road of wide sweeping bends to one that follows the contours of the land rising and falling twisting and turning and eventually you can get to john o groats the most northerly part of mainland uk
    only problem then is which way south back the way you came or west along the northern coast then south down the west coast as far as kyle and then head for the great glen and fort william south through glencoe and glenorchy

    I would do that many times but wife will not go that way as the midges like her too much