Best Hotel in Ocean City, MD

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    We are going to head over to Ocean City, MD. for Bike Week, in Sept. and it has been a while since there last time, I was wondering if someone could tell me the best hotel/motel to stay at down on the strip.... One that is clean and doesnt cost an arm & leg to stay for three nights....
    Appreciate any suggestions...

  2. theklanchXL1200N

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    We used to go to ocean city an camp on asseteague island, just south of ocean city for about $15 a night. But we were also 18-19 and we found out that if you went there frequently and the park rangers got to know you a little, they would sort of look the other way about the underage boozing. :drunk

    I am assuming that isn't an issue for you. Just made me think of some fun old times that's all.........AND Ocean City's wicked open container gestapo police crew:x. But again I was 19 probably shouldn't have had that beer walking down the sidewalk:dknow

    Couldn't tell you where to stay, but we are planning on going down there too! we'll see you there!!!

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    Go to's of info,been going since the start and it's a good time.Caliber of band's has went down but still some good music.If you are going to do some bar hopping take the drunk bus,it's cheap(one price=all day ride's) and you don't have to find a place to park,worry about traffic or worse a D.W.I..Once your there no one know's if you rode the Bourget Custom and spent 10 min. trying to find a place to park,or just jumped off the bus with friend's and continued to have a good time :s :cheers