Best exhaust for 2010 FLHX Screaming Eagle Street glide..

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    I just purchased the above bike and had the screaming ealge slip ons, down slash installed..My daughter (13) says "Dad, when you started it yesterday, it sounded sissy like"...I also purchased 2010 FLHX street glide for my wife, and had the v&h big shots installed with a SE big breather..Started her bike yesterday and its loud as (EDIT), idling and gassing..nice sound...

    My question, I definitely don't want my bike to be a more sound would be great, but because of the 110, I want it to at least be enhanced with performance...

    Any suggestions? HD in roswell told me they could change the baffles in my slip ons for more sound, but will it be worth the money to do that, or change the pipes completely?

    I have had v&h pro pipe on one of my road kings 95ci, bassani w/power curve on my 06 road glide, samson on my original road king and v&h long shots on my custom..some were good sound, some softer...

    sorry for the long post...want the best for this investment...
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    Rineharts.....with quiet baffles.....perfect sound.

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    I just ordered the Rinehart slip-ons for my 2010 FLHXSE and am also thinking about installing the power commander with auto tune, has anyone done this yet? any ideas? Dan