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    I was looking to buy my first Harley, my eye was on the 1200 sportster XLC... I made a $7000 mistake this past weekend! I took advantage of the demo deal and took out a softail haritage classic for a 60 mile ride. NICE! Now I'm hooked....Later this week i'm heading back with cash in hand. The question is; is there any room to negotiate price? The couple dealers I have been talking to, seem to stick firm on price but give 10% off accessories for a year and first service included. Both also dropped set up costs... but do include the shipping. What's the best deal I could expect to get?
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    Even thou they don't give you the impression of being negotiable, they are. Make an offer what you feel comfortable with as long as it is reasonable. If they don't sell it, they make nothing. If they sell it at a lower price, they STILL make a profit. If they don't want to move on price, let them know you are interested but you are going to look around but make sure they have your contact info first.:s
    If you are really stuck on the bike, make your best deal and then start on the FREE extras thrown in to make it happen. They will usually go for about $400 in extras to make the deal happen.