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  1. Ultra Will

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    Im needing a new Bike cover for my FLT.
    I currently use a Nelson Rigg and although it has served me well,
    its now full of holes from the hot pipes...

    I try to let the bike cool down before covering it but waiting is usually not possible...

    Is there a cover with a heat shield all the way around?
  2. RibEye

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  3. Midnight Reign

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    I use the HD covers because the seem to fit the best, and they are nice and sturdy, and have the lower section that wont burn up on hot pipes. I have also used the DOWCO's and liked them as well. The HD covers are a little more expensive but built well and last. The only thing I dont like about the HD covers is the huge Logo's on them. I would prefer to not advertise to any would be thieves. My last couple Dowco covers also had the heat resistent section around the bottom.
  4. Webbtron

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    Duraschield out of Minnesota I believe $20 free shipping. Great for traveling and a solid dust cover in the garage.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Dowco when I had baggers:s Nice fit, good price, heat shield on the bottom and windshield protector sewed in
  6. Ultra Will

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    Thank you Rich.
    This drive in cover would be perfect! Too bad it doesnt fold small enough to keep it in the tourpak.
    I want it primarily for when i leave the bike parked during work. I may just save my pennies and get one and keep it here at work!
  7. 01 rk

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    I have Exigent covers for my RK and FLHTCI both a good fit, well made, fit in saddle bag, made in the USA. No logos.
  8. YnotBiker

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    Try For $44 (plus tax & shipping) I got a very large cover with vents, a lower strap and heat shields. It compresses into a foot tall sack. They have a large collection. I got the SilverMax because it matches the white walls of my apartment multi-space garage. It's hard to see it from the busy street and it keeps my FatBob clean from the constant dust.
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