Best Alternative LED Replacement Headlight/Aux Lights?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rod Stewart, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart Active Member

    Sorry if this has been covered elswhere but I am just wondering what others may have found that works well? I have the stock '04 lights on the front and want to replace them with LED, not so much for night riding, but more for increased visibility/safety.
    My brother in law recently put a Truck-Lite 27270C headlight and 80275 aux lights on his 2012 Ultra, and they look pretty darn good. Cost is less than half of the H-D replacements, and they are plug n' play.
    Can anyone recommend any other good options?
    Thanks, Rod
  2. Blue Wide Glide

    Blue Wide Glide Junior Member

    I have the HD Day-maker reflective. They stand out better during the day than the projector beam style. Yeah they cost a lot of money, but so did the bike.:)
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  3. Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart Active Member

    Well I got the new LED lights installed. They are looking good and work great. Tried a short local sprint after dark and the visibility is awesome compared to the old lights. I would recommend these to others that are looking to upgrade.
    I tried to upload a front on picture, but I got a message that the file had an unrecognized extension! What?
    Is there no way to upload iphone pix to this site?
  4. Joyflyin

    Joyflyin Experienced Member Staff Member Moderator

    If memory services me correctly, I cannot upload photos directly from my iPhone. So, if you are using your Apple product and want to upload a picture, you will be out of luck. (Otherwise, you would be seeing tons of poodle pictures from me). ;) I have not tried uploading a photo from my phone through a browser other than Safari, so you may have better luck using the Chrome browser or Atomic Web, & Apollo. I used to use the Apollo & Atomic Web browsers to get around some issues when I was working in our business class line doing a lot of networking things. I honestly have not used any of these browsers in a long time, so I may be totally wrong. I never even thought about that until you mentioned it. Now, if you are using an Android device, I am out of ideas...I got nothing. :)
  5. Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart Active Member

    Ok thanks for that info. Seems crazy that you can't upload a pic taken with an idevice using Apple's Safari.
    I assumed the problem must be that the format is not recognized by this site for whatever reason.
    Forgot to mention the headlight and passing lights I installed are the Truck Lite items that I mentioned in my first post above.
  6. Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart Active Member

    374E39C4-6EFB-46A6-9F45-D125C3708860.JPG E6D48356-5C4D-45F8-BFD9-5ED7EFC0C0DE.JPG
    Finally uploaded these two pix of the new LED lights.
    Working great!
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  7. joel

    joel Senior Member

    Looks good, led and night riding go together good.
    I remember the old days of letting the guy with the brightest lights be the lead bike at night.
  8. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Experienced Member Contributor

    Nice, can't be lit up enough at night or during the day.
  9. Header14

    Header14 Member

    I installed LED's on the turn signals, brake & running lights with a product from LASFIT - great improvement on brightness/visibility. I did have to install line loads (50 Watt / 6 ohm) to correct the hyper flash but all is good now.