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belt guard


Was wondering, does anyone know what the purpose of a belt guard is besides rider safety? I ride solo and have seen other bikes without one. I like the look,but don't know if there is any mechanical issues.
it might also be in case something from the road pops up or anything like that. just to protect your belt from getting tore up or something like that.
I would imagine that the purpose of it dual purpose. To keep debris from lodging between the belt and pulley and to keep fingers from unwanted areas. Just think of how easily a finger would be removed should it get between the belt and the pulley.
i was told that if you removed the guard and a stone shredded the belt HD would not replace it under warranty yet if it happened and the guards were in place free belt :D
also imagine the damage it would to bike and rider:56:

If that's the case and you decide to take it off, put it back on before you take it back to harley for the new belt:D