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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rebyl, Mar 7, 2009.

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    So whats a rear end stabiliser and where do I get one.
    Also the latest on oils seems to be that syn 3 is not up to the mark and that the best for the other two holes that have oil in em is Spectro, is this right.
    I currently run HD oils in Engine and Primary but run the Spectro 6 speed in the a service due now so would like to know the best route to take on the oils...remember this is my first HD so am not up to date with all the history. Bike is 08 Ultra with 16000km's on her...thats a bit above 10000 miles...TIA
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    there are a bunch of makers of the staiblizer pick one ya like

    Theres rev tech

    tru track

    search for either of those and a bunch of sites will come up

    as for oils i go mobile 1 vtwin in engine .. spectro 6 speed in trans and spectro primary in well the primary ..
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    Rebyl, Progressive is a well respected company and has some pretty good products that will improve the handling of any bike. They have recently also introduced a suspension stabilizer which is affordable and very much like the others on the market.
    Here's a link to their site. Progressive Suspension - Performance Suspension Components for Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, Yamaha and Kawasaki
    Also, one of the little things you might consider is changing your fork oil to a heavier product. This will stiffin things up quite a bit.
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    The guys have given you some good info on the stabalizer issue above. Here is some consideration for your lubricants:

    Suggest using premium products. This would include:

    Engine: Premium grade FULL synthetic engine oil - 20W50 (this would excluded SYN3)
    Tranny: Premium grade FULL synthetic GEAR lube - 75W90 or 75W140. GL-1 or better in 5-spds, GL-5 in 6-spds (what you have is great, IMHO)
    Primary: Premium grade "fit-for-purpose" oil like HD Formula + or Spectro Primary. Ensure NO friction modifiers in your choice here.

    Oil Related Tips - Harley Davidson Community

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    Thanks for the good advise Guys, I will go the full synthetc way for sure on the oils and will start to research the Stabilisers, thanks for the links.