Been a member for over a year but haven't posted till now: Need Help Badly!!!!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by nomad826, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. nomad826

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    Hey guys, like the title says, been a member for over a year but haven't posted yet. My wife and I own several bikes, 74 Sporty, 09 Sporty (hers), 02 Softail, 99 custom FXR-which is what I am having a problem with. I had the bike apart for paint and body work, removed motor/tranny and never took anything apart-just polished it. The motor is a TC88 running a Twintec TC88 ignition. I rewired the bike with WP136 kit from Wireplus. Problem is the starter cannot turn motor over through compression stroke; it hangs up. Motor spins fine by hand and spins fast without plugs in but once they are installed, hangs up on compression stroke. No wires smoking, nothing too hot no circuit breaker tripping. Removed inner primary and replaced all bearings, bushings and seals-same thing. The battery is new, starter is new, even changed the starter to one that started a Big Dog, took off the starter, battery wires and battery and installed on FXR and same thing. I'm out of ideas, please help.
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    If I read this right, you took off the starter, battery, battery cables, and installed these items on another bike and still had the same no start problem on the bike these parts were transferred to?


    You took off the parts from the other bike and installed them on the no-start bike and still had the no start issue?

    In either case, sounds like there is a ground issue somewhere, OR starter relay is bad if equipped.
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    Took parts off other bike and installed on the no-start bike and same results. I've checked resistance and continuity everywhere. I've also put a manual jump button directly on the starter bypassing the relay with same results
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    Was the other bike running when you removed the parts? If you had the not start issue on the other bike it sounds like you transferred the problem to the other one.

    Double check your battery. If the starter will not turn it on a compression stroke, it may be the battery does not have the amperage to do the job. It would not be the first time a battery was bad right out of the box. Have it load tested.

    And as propflux mentioned, check your grounds. If the bike went out for paint, you may need to chase any threads for grounds and/or remove paint from the ground areas.