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    Can someone make a recommendation for a Battery Tender? Also, I've seen the black adapter that get connected to the battery and has a two-prong male/female connection. I was thinking about purchasing an after market male/female quick connect to be attached below the light switch (in the metal housing) I believe this would look better than the black two pronger. Anyone point me in the direction of purchasing a male and female electrical connector's online.
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    A lot of guys (including me) have the Battery Tender Plus ( - Home of All Your Charging Needs Battery Tender Plus). It certainly does the trick.

    I would stick with the pigtail coming off the battery. I wouldn't want any unnecessary wires directly connected to the battery routed up to the handlebar. You can always tuck the pigtail out of sight when you are not using it.
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    I used the proper sized Adel clamp that is rubber covered and mounted the plug by the air fill valve on the fender strut. Nice and secure and looks like it belonged there. Ran the wires under the strut after removing it first and used cable ties to secure them on the route to the battery.

    I faced the plug towards the rear of the bike for easy access and if you ever forget to disconnect it, the plug pulls out itself :newsmile071:

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    I bought an extra pigtail on ebay for about eleven bucks and just have it tucked kind of under the seat area in the hole in the frame. All I have to do is pull it out when I want to use it, and tuck it back in when not needed. Works great and is completely out of sight.
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    I bought a 'CTEK' MULTI XS 3600 battery charger.Absolutely perfect for ANY battery that is used less frequently and could be in storage for any length of time.This thing Desulphates,bulk charges,trickle charges,pulse charges,has reverse polarity protection AND comes with a set of spring clips plus a set of eyelet leads that you put on the battery terminals and then merely plug your charger into the connection on their end.I've put a set of these quick plug connector types on all my cars and bikes.

    You could check out their website--CTEK.

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    FYI, the Battery Tender for watercraft version is more rugged & water resistant because the electronics inside the "lump" is potted internally with epoxy/silicone...costs about $5 more than standard one...Not that any of us self respecting HDT people would ever drop it on the garage floor (usually concrete), splash liquids on it (being near the washer/dryer/sink) or pull one out of the wall plug by tripping on the cords)...:newsmile071:

    Had my 1st one since the 90's...still works great...inherited a 2nd standard issue one, conventional AC adapter plastic case was cracked, I epoxied the humpty dumpty was able to be put back together again. :D
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    I would stick with the Battery Tender. My last one kept my Harley battery good for seven years. Then the Tender failed. The manufacturer would have made the unit good as they have a life time guarantee but mine was no longer in production. So I bought the latest one and am using it now. Fossil