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Battery tender


Not to keen on fiddling with the newborn yet I was wandering if I can plug the battery tender of my Carcoon bubble into the cigarette lighter of my U/C Electra?
It would be a simple way of keeping the battery charged as eventhough it sleeps in an alarmed garage next to the house the alarm on the bike is always armed and thus uses power.
Any comments greatly appreciated.
That would probably work IF the lighter socket is energized with the ignition OFF considering that it is only a trickle charger.
Went to the dealer yesterday as we have had the first day with sunshine in a very long time. Had to book the bike in for it's first 1K service. Guess what when I asked the question about the tender hook-up?
They had already put in a wiring harness for a tender. (or is it standard on every Harley?) They just never told me. I had seen the plug with it's rubber cap on top sitting under the saddle on the right hand side. Allways thought it was for diagnostics.
The socket even fits the carcoons plug, polarity is right too.
Looked at a friends road glide and the lighter socket is only hot when the ignition is on. Would have been a good way to keep the battery up in any event.