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Battery Removal


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Hey guys, I have a 2007 FXST and I want to remove the battery to put a Battery Tender harness on it.

I know it's under the seat before anyone says anything lol

I'm not a newbie as far as dealing with batteries themselves, but i'm having trouble getting the battery to lift up. It can wiggle back and forth a little but that is it. I've looked all around it and cannot see anything that is holding it in there. I have a Maintenance manual but they do not show how to remove the battery in it. The only thing around the battery is a wiring harness that runs alongside the frame rail above and to the left of the battery with Plastic Ty-Wraps holding it to the frame. The Positve cable does come out of this harness and is of course connected to the post.

Before I go cutting the cable ties on the harness, is there any other way to remove it? This may sound dumb but it is in there pretty tight and I've tried till i'm ready to break something lol

Any help is appriciated.

your Battery should lift right out IF the cables are disconnected. They are too short to let you pick the battery out.However you shouldn't need to remove the battery to install the harness for your battery tender.Lay a rag over your frame to prevent it from shorting out and use a10mmwrench or a phillips head screwdriver.
I had the same issue..

Remove one bolt or screw from battery and go to to the local hardstore and get 2 bolts/screws with the same thread pattrem but that is 3-4 inches long.

Get some electrical tape and wrap all but 1 inch of the longer bolt/screws . Keep the threaded portion exposed.

Hand thread the the bolts into the battery as far as they will go and slowly pull up. (Gloves will work if you dont have any electrical tape .)

You get better leverage this way.
When finished dont throw them away , they will come in handy for next time.
If you remove the negative terminal first and install it last, you have no worries about shorting out the wrench.
When you pull the negative first, it opens the circuit to the battery and if you should ground out the wrench pulling the positive, there will be no sparks and welded wrenches.

Anything other than procedure this is just incorrect.
Thanks everyone for the tips, I'm out of town right now but will get to this tomorrow afternoon when I get back home and give it a shot.

And I'll remember the "Negative first off, and last on".

Thanks again.