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Battery Life?



My battery is starting to concern me. Doesn't quite seem to have as much kick these days. It's about 2 1/2 years old, has gone 32,000 miles and been in LOTS of 100+ degree weather. Try to maintain or just replace it?

Been using a battery tender on it during the winter. Other than that, it rarely sits for 2 days. I checked around and the dealership had the best price on batteries by about $12New battery is on tender until morning....

I would suggest that you definantly get a new battery. I live in the other extreme and have very cold weather. I replace my battery every two years and that has worked out great for me, other than the expense that is.
Usually mine has lasted about 5 years. I think that maybe there is something to the climates that you live in that effects the life of your batteries. Where I live it really stays neutral most of the year, it also helps that my bike is garage kept.
My last battery lasted 5 years. I disconnect my battery in the winter, because I can't ride for about five months in the winter. I give it a charge before I hook it back up and for five years it worked very well. Then replaced it. I am on year 3 with my current battery.
It sounds as though it's about time for your battery to get replaced. I don't think that simply maintaining it is going to help you any at this point. Once you've gotten a new battery make sure that you maintain it right and it will probably last you a good 5 years or more.