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Battery Disconnects and Re-Configuring Alarm


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After reconnecting the battery, the security system will not enter the configuration mode on the first attempt. Therefore, after all battery reconnects, the configuration sequence must be modified as follows...

1. Set run switch to OFF, cycle ignition key ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON and press left turn signal switch TWICE.
Wait for one to three confirmation flashes of the turn signals and then set ignition switch to OFF.

2. Repeat steps listed above.

3. Continue with configuration sequence.
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Mr. Data,
the 07 sportster does not have buttons on the fob to reset the alarm system, so I am not sure how to send command to alarm system without them. Any ideas?
The buttonless fob typically '07 or newer HD alarm systems deactivates the alarm automatically and activates when out of proximity sensor range. The latter part of the procedure for "Adjusting Sensitivity" does not apply to newer "buttonless fobs."
I did not even know the alarm had a "sensitivity" adjustment. I am pretty sure my alarm has no such thing. Manual that came with the alarm plus the service manual has no mention of it anywhere. Are you sure you even have such an adjustment?
The sensitivity settings are only for 06 and older button type fobs.