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    I replaced a dead battery in my 05 road king in early August. Hooked it up to a Global 1.25 Amp Battery Charger and the orange light is on. Won't go to green. I checked the battery voltage 14 v and the charger out put is .89 v. Is this normal?

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    The charger is bad, or it's "output protection" has determined that 14V is somehow too high and is inhibiting the output charge voltage. Funny thing about chargers...some are "intelligent" and won't turn on unless they detect the current draw or voltage is at or less than 13V. Not familiar with the "Global" charger, but it may be one of the Harbor Freight or "inexpensive" one from discount parts stores like Philmore...

    If a trickle charger like a battery tender, you would still have the open circuit voltage of around 14V so you would actually be able to determine if it is good...once connected to the battery, it would probably match the battery, or let the battery settle for an hour and once it is at 13V, it would rise very close to the open circuit battery voltage of the battery tender and indicate yellow showing it is accepting a charge.
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    hope you get a new "intellegent" charger . i had a h-d battery trickle (tender" hooked up to my '09 t/g all winter long .even rode the trike some times but the battery was only kept up to 9.8 v. but the battery was "good" as per a load test. so i put a 6 amp charger on it avernight then went with a new schumacher speed chargerwhich has auto voltage technology.
    this spring i installed a shorai lithium 36 AH battery CCA 540 with their battery charger sold sep. the charger only charges the cell that needs charging. weighs only 5 lbs. & i like it. expensive. about $400. total from battery w/ free shippeing.
    their OEM battery for the FLH is a inch shorter. but is about 105.00 CCA 390 AH 30 6 9/16 x5x6 7/8" . just info her & my experience.
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    Thank you for the quick response.Looks like I'll be getting a new charger. The HD global charger was $70 from HD, lasted 3 yrs. Will try the recommended charger.