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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bignew, Oct 22, 2009.

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    I was wondering what some thoughts were on the Dual Bassani pipes. I am putting them on an 02 Road King. I was told by my local mechanic that the Bassani pipes would adapt better when I do some upgrades to the motor for better performance. I want to add some pipes this winter to improve the sound. I had planned on making some mods to the motor but my wife didn't listen when the Dr. said you have to take your pill everyday!!!!:no

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    Welcome Bignew to the HDTimeline forum...there are many riders and enthusiasts here who will weigh in shortly. Click on the Search tab and type in keywords to find related threads, also check out the sound and video bites...:newsmile082:

    As for me, I love the look, and the sound has a nice low "potato-potato-potato..." classic sound without the high pitched ringing I find a lot of pipes have. But that is JMO...I have a Sporty with dual Drag Specialties 1 7/8" straight pipes with 8-10" Drag Specialties baffles cause I like loud...:D
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    Welcome bignew!

    Bassani are fine pipes however I don't care for them as they are too loud for me. I like more of a deep rumble that the Vance and Hines ovals or monster ovals have.

    It is all personal preference.
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    I've heard em, and test rode an Ultra with em, and I LOVED the sound:bigsmiley24:.... I almost bought that scoot, but didn't (too much negative equity):(, and every since that day I have been trying to come up with an "excuse" :33: to replace my D&D's with Bassani, as the wife thinks they "sound just fine".:lolrolling
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    I have slip ons from them i liek up dont think they are super loud have a nice deep rumble and not crackle like you hear on soem of the V&H
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    Do you have the "value"(cheaper) bassani's or the "regular" (ie. P/N: FLH-503, FLH-509, etc.) bassani's? I'm just curious. I've convinced my better half that the scoot needs some for Christmas! So got to looking on their site, and they now offer "value" mufflers. So I emailed their Customer Service to ask the difference as far as tone and volume.

    They replied: "Their is a big difference , The flh-509 is a 4'' muffler that gives you a deeper tone .The 3 1/2 is a little bit higher tone & has no packing in the baffle to make the tone deeper.So the volume is a little louder than the 4'' muffler."

    So I priced both from M & M's and the "value" was $239, while the standards are $399. I have decided that since I know what the standards sound like and I LOVE the sound, that's what I'm hoping "Santa" brings for the Scoot. I don't want to, nor have the funds to "experiment", so I figure just spend the $160 more now, rather that risk blowing $239 for ones that don't sound as good (to me) as expected.
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    Thanks smitty901, I did a search and this thread was first, so I didn't look further. Now I know what part number I'm getting, FLH-517...... Sounds great Bud!