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Barrel Lock Problems


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Barrel Locks
We have had reports that customers sometimes cannot get the round key into the lock. It seems the
tumbler shifts out of the index position when the key is removed. This does not, however, disable the
lock permanently. These locks may still be operated by filing the ear from the key and inserting in
the required lock position. This will help re-align tumbler. Customers should retain this key for future
use in case it should happen again.
Hey Mr. Data, I would like to thank you on the write up about the barrel locks. Have a 05 Night Train and my front steeriing barrel lock would not work, well I talked to a couple of people at harley they told me that the front end has to be taken apart and a new lock installed and the weld was bad? I tried the filing of the key and it worked great and is still. I just want to thank you again. Lonnie

I'm glad it worked out for you with the key. The dealers have no heart sometimes and I have seen it happen more than once. Just remember with the key modified like you did that it will come out in any position and will not stay captive in the lock like it did before.

It has to do with the tumbler length inside the lock and the fact that the smaller tumbler does not stay in place like the longer ones do. You can sometimes just lift it into place with a thin pick but it will usually fall out again because of the way the lock is made.