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    I bought one of Bagtec's Full Dresser Bags before leaving on my last trip in June. Nice bag, lots of storage room, and the lower compartment has a rigid insert that provides 2 separate shelves. The top compartment can be rolled down when not being used, and is large enough to hold a full helmet if needed. There are straps across the top that can be used to tie down your jacket when it gets hot. The material is very heavy, and takes a while to break-in. The zippers are heavy, and a little difficult to use until the material softens up a little. The zippers can be used to open the top, the bottom, or the entire bag. There are 2 waterproof pockets on each side. The velco adjusted sleeve allows it to work with backrests up to 13" wide, and there are several straps supplied that can be used to tie the bag down.

    One of the buckles on my bag broke when I tried to tighten the top straps. I was a little angered over this as it was a brand new bag. I sent an email to Bagtec asking them how I could get a replacement. They responded immediately, asking for a picture so they could verify which buckle it was. I sent a picture of it and they again responded immediately, stating that a replacement would be in the mail that day. A company that stands behind its product and believes in customer service.

    The bag can be found on many luggage websites at various prices, but they are all made by Bagtec. I found mine for $160. I like the bag, and I like the company. I highly recommend both.

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    Road tested over 20,000 miles sounds like a pretty good the company would press even harder knowing what you did with their bag over that many miles plus...and would incorporate any recommendations for making product better.