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    i know there a bazillion choices, out there, but was hoping some of y'all could give me some recommendations based on my needs.

    i really like the look of soft bags, not necesarily leather, immitation is fine. i see 'em all the time for apx $130 and i'm totally cool with that. BUT i want something lockable. that would also mean not easily detached. i know a decent knife can cut through it, but i just don't want someone to be able to walk up and either open it up or take it off. so, i start looking at hard bags, dear god those are expensive.

    is there a cheap alternative that allows me to lock the bag? i don't care if i have to use a padlock, whatever, just as long as i can make it so it has to be cut through. preferably a leather looking soft bag.


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    I would get heavy guage leather bags, a bit more expensive than "pleather" but it breathes and your contents can be protected by soft nylon inserts with handles to empty quickly for long term riding, but packed down when doing an impromptu fill for short trips.

    Leather bags w/ quick detach virtually invisible hardware: Leatherworks, Leatherneck Jims, Boss Bags and others offer some of the very best and in styles that will match the look you want, studs, conchos, braided edges, fringe, pockets and even beverage holders. Others have adapted to hardbags and even made them look like Ultras if you can believe that...from the Self Help section: