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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Dak47, Feb 22, 2009.

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    Reviews on aftermarket amps&front speakers for my 03 RG. Stock bites @ highway speeds-noticed the most hype about Hogtunes & J&M any thoughts?Along the same lines how about hidden ant. reviews. Cheers
  2. ProF

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    I bought the Hogtunes for my 03 RG, and while they sounded a bit better, they certainly didn't live up to my expectations. I don't know if the problem is with the speakers per se, but rather the general noise level of the bike at highway speeds. My friends with batwings love their speakers, but remember, they're almost a foot closer to their speakers than we are. All told, I was underwhelmed.

    I've pretty much given up on the radio at highway speeds. It is a bit better with CDs or MP3s, but not much. Just my opinion, though.

    If you do go with the Hogtunes, be sure to let them know you have an 03; they have a plastic gasket they send you to install with the speakers to keep the cones from pressing into the edge of the fairing's speaker cutout.

    As to antennas, I have a short stubby (about a foot long) that seems to work about as well as the stock. But here in the LA basin, you could probably get good reception with a bent coathanger.
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    I have hogtunes on my 99flht which has harley am/fm/weather/cd with hogtunes amp and speakers in front and moved harley speakers to rear where I put a harley tour pack.I am going to put hog tune speakers in rear as well as I can barely hear the harleys back there even at slow speed compared to the hog tunes in front.On highway I am good to 70mph or so but after that wind and road noise gets a bit much and to hear the tunes they have to be so loud that it can't be good for the hearing. I am a fan of Hogtunes and like their product and service and fast communication I have had with a guy named "Pez" from Hogtunes.
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    I have the J&M's in my FLHX and while they are a big improvement over the stock speakers, you still won't think you're at home surrounded by Bose equipment! A motorcycle is just an extremely challenging acoustic environment with all the wind noise, bike vibrations, etc. I've been told an amp AND speaker setup really helps but I wasn't wanting to spend that kind of money yet.

    I bought a powered, flexible, t shaped antenna (gotta learn to take photos of these things as I add them to my bike) at an auto parts store and put it in the fairing. Zip tied it in place and tapped into the cigarette lighter for power - works great!
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    I went with 2ohm Infinity cheapies.They work great! Clearer and more volume than stock.I think less than $100 for all four.Magnets are much larger,weather has not bothered them.Much easier for Harmon Kardon to drive them.

    hope this helps,oh and BTW,I think they have lifetime replacement.