Bag Liners?

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  1. dkamp

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    I followed the general info on this link:
    and did my own bag liners. I do have to say it looks great.
    I made templates for each side by taping copier paper to to the inside bag. and over lapping the paper in different areas helps the template to be accurate. Repeat for the tops and bottom.
    went to local home improvement store and bought enough "Trunk Liner" carpet.
    Cut each piece from the templates, sprayed 3M glue and pressed one side at a time holding in place paying special attention to the corners and top edge. repeated on each side and again paying attention to the seams. Cleaning up any over spray drips with Mineral spirits. Kept revisiting each side and corners to keep it stuck where it should be formed. The Trunk liner does stretch a bit so use that to your advantage but don't rely on it on every seam. It turned out way better that I hoped.
    Experienced learned is to take your time making the templates, use straight edges when possible, and dry fitting each piece before applying spray glue. and rub everything to keep it in place.
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  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Good tip, thanks for sharing.:)
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    There are vendors who sell precut pieces to make it easier.
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    I admire your patience, that's the kind of task I just can't seem to tackle. Good on ya, likely saved quite a few bucks and who knows may have been a reason for an adult beverage or two.;)
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    Sounds like quit a task , just glad my bike came with them, they are nice, gives you another place to use the vacuum when cleaning.