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  1. Dustinthewind

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    I am interested on thoughts on either drilling holes in the baffles on a 2008 1200R EFI. any problems that one can experience .What about back pressure. Someone mentioned removing them. I don't know,I don't want to do anything that will wreck the engine. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this mod and is it worth it?
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  2. Jack Klarich

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    Better to put on some slip ons, you wont like the sound after drilling out the baffles
  3. geezer

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    I did it on my Heritage for 2 reasons, the aftermarket pipes i put on sounded terrible and I liked the look of the stock mufflers. I had it re-tuned with my TTS tuner. Runs and sounds great now and still looks like stock.
  4. Iceman24

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    Dustinthewind; what are you trying to achieve (sound, performance, etc.)? Advice/responses will differ, based on your reasoning...
  5. bikecurious

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    I cut my SEII slipons in half also cutting the baffles in half then re welded them outward. My buddy had them on his EFI sporty for a bit and they work great on both.... very loud.
    back pressure shouldn't be an issue because you have that lower crossover.[​IMG]
  6. ron1978

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    just installed a set of big city thunder monsters, there great!!! deep and loud! easy to install, i cut my stock v&h baffles in half, an d it didn't give what i wanted,
  7. Dustinthewind

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    Hi all.
    I used the Gronk mod from another forum to modify the mufflers. 1 3/4 " hole saw ,drilled the end and pulled out the baffles. Used a drill press and with a 1/4 " bit I enlarged the baffle holes as well as adding two more rows at the outlet end of the baffle. Cleaned the baffle with a small threaded rod to get rid of any fragments still hanging on. Then I took them to a muffler shop and had them mig weld the baffles in once again. (taking care to use a wet rag to keep the muffler ends cool,no blueing. total cost about $40.00 plus breakfast. You can here the sound on youtube. Just click on Harley Sportster with Gronk mod. It gives me a nice deep rumble without being too loud. At sixty years old I prefer the deeper rumble. The mod itself took me about 1 1/2 hrs. By the way Don't knock the inner cap out of the baffles . It's all stock except for the resized holes, and looks completely stock on the motorcycle. I like the look of the stock mufflers.
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