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Baffles for Curved Pipes


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Got some curved pipes but they came without baffles and it looks like I might not be able to get OEM.
Anyone know of an aftermarket baffle that works with curved pipes? The curve is pretty mild.



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Welcome to the forum.

Who makes the pipes? Are they victory pipes or are they Ness pipes? He makes a lot of the custom pipes for victory.

They look something like the Chaos III Exhaust that are made by Stainless Creations

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Without baffles, the back pressure is missing and there are a lot of bikes (most) that just will not run well without some back pressure.
Drag bikes being the exception for the most part.
Interesting.... That might explain why my bike runs rich until it warms up.. See black exhaust for 2-3 minutes..

I'll insert the baffles when it gets warmer.
Good tip. Thanks Glider
Had a friend with an 07 softail that went with the Rush mufflers with the 2 1/2" baffles and pulled his hair out trying to get it to run right. Very soggy response and no bottom end. I tried to convince him to get smaller baffles but he insisted he wanted the 2 1/2" baffles that he liked the sound.

To make a long story short...

He tried the butterfly trick in the pipe and it made such a difference that he ordered the 1 1/2" baffles finally and is a happy camper now. The bike runs much better and he's happy with the performance now.

Take into consideration that with the 1 3/4" head pipes on these bikes and to add 2 1/2" baffles makes it almost a straight pipe with no back pressure.

Sometimes BIG isn't always better.:s
Ok I have determined that baffels will increase performance.

How does does one determine which baffel is best suited for optimum performance ? I can only think of 2 ways.

1)A popular performance test is a 50 mph, 200 yard roll-on: full throttle for 200 yards, starting at 50 mph
2)Dyno testing.

Is there any other way to do this ?