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Does anyone know how to remove baffles? I have the Vance and Hines Big Radius pipes.Someone told me that it would sound better if I did that, but I don't see any screws on the pipes. And will this lower the performance significantly, or not at all?
Soft-tail Norma :40:
On most pipes with baffles, you'll find some sort of bolt or allen heads at the rear of the pipe that when removed will take the baffle out.

I wouldn't remove them, the motor needs a certain amount of back pressure to run it's best and removing the baffles will decrease your bottom end torque to a noticable degree.
I Wouldn Not Remove Baffles. I Thought About Doing It To My Bike. After Some Feed Back From Techs The Performance At The Line Deminshes. The Benefit Of Taking Them Off Is More Torque At Higher Rpms. But The Long Term Effects Of Removing Your Baffles Is Burning Out Your Exhaust Valves And Other Miscellaneous Things. Not To Mention It Is Illegal Also You Need The Backpressure. So I Would Have To Say Not To Do It.
Hey Norma, The guys are right about taking the baffles out for performance reasons, so I took them out & cut them in half and re-installed them, much better. Kenji
Hey Norma, You'd better check and make "SURE" you have pipes that have removable baffles in the first place? V & H does make some pipes that DO NOT have removable baffles. You may need to check from whom you purchased them from or V & H themselves to be really sure! Good luck!!!! HI-Tek Rednek :eam
Norma I took mine out but reinstalled them after about 20 minutes . They were way too loud but most of all the low end power loss was substancial however on the big radious pipes( after removing the rear heat shield ) you will find a screw on the bottom of the pipe about an inch from the end . simply remove the screw and pull the baffle you may need to use a pair of pliers to reach inside the pipe . I have heard of people cutting some of the lenghth off and re installing them good luck.
I tried yanking the baffles from the screamin eagle mufflers I had on my sporty - sure it sounded great, but was WAY too loud! I couldn't handle the noise without earplugs. Also, like mentioned above, my low end power definitely suffered. I would strongly recommend leaving the baffles in, especially since the big radius pipes sound great already ( i have a set on my night train.)
I have no baffles in my Vance and Hines straight shots. (thanks to the guys here for ID)

I'll have to question my mechanic about the setup when I pick it up.
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