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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mcbur1, May 19, 2011.

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    I have rush 1.75 pipes on my electra glide. I replaced the baffle wrap at about 10000 miles. It was in fair cont. I replaced the wrap with some high temp wrap from e-bay. When I took the baffle out and looked at the wrap it was 75% burned up, nothing left. Is there better wrap, or if I run without the wrap would the pipes turn blue from the heat? I do not run the bike hard, I use all full sync. oil in everything. and during the hot summers in slow traffic my rear cyl. does not shut down from the heat so its running good. Ive read someone put plumming pipe fiberglass insulation in the baffle, but to me it seems that would burn up faster.
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    I've used regular fiberglass cloth to pack baffles. There's cloth (roving?) and mat. The cloth is woven, and seems to last longer. The mat is just strands. I used to get it at marine supply stores. It doesn't cost nearly as much as the same stuff that's sold as muffler packing. How much you use, and how tight you wind/stuff it in, affects sound.
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    I have even tried body repair fiberglass wrap. Even after installing fiberglass, I wrapped with High temp tape and same result. It seems that the Rush mufflers need repacking frequently. I had Vance and Hines and repacked once in 6 years.
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    Anyone ever try the stove pipe rope? It is a white style rope that is suppose to take heat up to 1500 degrees or higher. I was thinking of using it.
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    I have heard of people using it with good results.
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    This post goes right along with one I read earlier about an oil filter. Why not just use what is supposed to be used. They have engineers out there that make a good living figuring out how something should work and what materiels are used to make it work right and CORRECTLY so there are no long term ill affects. Use what the book calls for is my recomendation unless you are building some super engine then stick with what it calls for. If something is designed to maintain a certain amount of heat and you make it hold more heat something somewhere is going to give. May not be right away but mark my words it will happen just when all seems to be going good.
    Just my thoughts.